Sunday, January 26, 2014


I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. It's STILL snowy and cold here. I usually love winter but this year is brutal. According to my lovely weatherman husband we are heading for negative temps so the end is no where in sight! The upside of this weather is it is providing me with ample time to get crafty. I mean who would want to go out in this stuff?!?!

One of the projects I created was inspired once again by Pinterest. I am so addicted to that site. I came across a cool idea to turn a shadow box into a beer cap holder. There are tons of variations out there and I loved them all! After a little time with CCR I had mine designed and ready to go!

This was made using a shadow box, some vinyl, St. Patrick's Day (CCR Exclusive) and Birthday Bash font. Step one was the same as it always is for me. Using CCR and laying it all out.

Thankfully my shadow box was 12x12 so my mat was the exact space of my box. I layed everything out knowing that would be what it would look like on the glass. From there I cut the vinyl using the kiss cut method. With CCR they have updated it that you can choose the material you are cutting and it automatically changes the setting to what you need. Very convenient!

Whenever I cut vinyl, I lay out all the layers onto the base layer first and then transfer it. I have tried transferring a layer at a time, but for some reason it ends up not laying right.

Now it never seems to fail that when I transfer vinyl onto glass, it bubbles. Normally I would give the vinyl a few choice words and think that the project was ruined. That was until I learned the wonderful technique of pricking the bubble with a needle and then smoothing it out. The tiny needle hole is not noticeable and works every time. Check out my before and after photos.

I added a sheet of black vinyl to the back of the shadowbox to cover that basic cardboard color. After that I drilled a hole in the top that would fit a a beer cap. Now one thing that all the tutorials I read failed to mention is that shadow boxes have a spacer in them so you can fit 3d objects inside. You will need to remove the top bar of that spacer so when you drop your caps in they wont get stuck. Thankfully for me, mine just popped right apart. I am really happy with the finished product and ready to start planning our next get together with friends to fill it up! Hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday and be sure to come back to check out the Valentine's Blog Hop on February 8th!

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