Saturday, July 26, 2014

Where in the World is Gina?

With my new position at work I have lots people always wondering where I am at! I decided to make a sign for the kiddos (and my coworkers) to let them know exactly where I am at!

This was super fun and easy to make with my explore. I started out with some basic shapes, a circle and a flower. I then added my text using the writing feature. This has to be my favorite feature of the Explore! Simply enter in your text then click attach! I then found an arrow shape to attach to a clothespin. After cutting all my pieces I realized the card stock I picked out was kind of flimsy. I had just used up a Cricut mat and it was sitting on my floor next to my trash bin. I thought that would make a perfect backing to my sign! So I decided to bust out my deep cut blade and give it a shot. It took a few adjustments but after using a multicut of 7 and the pressure on the highest setting, I was able to pop out the circle shape from the mat. I added a few metallic embellishments and I was good to go!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cutting a Photo

So I have seen multiple people using their Explore to cut JPGs and other photo types. I was referred to, a website that will turn any photo into a stencil AND let you save it as a SVG! Brilliant! I had to try it out so I picked a random photo and uploaded it onto the website. Easy as pie. It allows you to adjust the "stencil" so you can get it just as you would like it. Then after saving it as an SVG  I uploaded it into Design Space. I simply cut it out of vinyl and after some weeding adhered it to a canvas. Fun little tip, I I put a border around mine so it made the weeding WAY easy. All those white areas  along the edge peeled off when I pulled off the border. The only weeding I had to do was in the middle. For my next one I plan on painting the canvas to do a more layered effect. I just love this machine. It seems like the possibilities are endless with it!