Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Floating Frame

I havent had a chance to do much crafting as i have been crafting on my yard on the weekends. During the week I have had to work late and being on call I never know when I have to run out and I hate starting a project and having to stop in the middle of it.

So, I thought I would post an entry about something I made a few weeks ago. I posted it on the Cricut message board and had a lot people message me for the details so here we go!

I found this quote on Pinterest a while ago and it had been sitting on my "Crafty Things" board just looking at me asking me to make something of it. It really is inspiring and I feel has some pretty important message to it.

What I Used:
11x14 Floating Frame purchased at Joann Fabrics
Black Vinyl
Red Vinyl
A Child's Year Cartridge
CCR Basics
Songbird Cartridge
Pooh Font Cartridge

Batman Cartridge
Kate's ABC's Cartridge

I planned out all of this on CCR. Ever since I figured out to use it correctly I cannot get enough of it! I lined up everything on my virtual mat until I had it placed just how I liked it and then used the kiss cut of 3, 3, 3. 3 speed, 3 pressure, and 3 blade depth. Worked liked a charm. I then cut the scalloped heart from CCR Basics in red vinyl the same size as the font on that line. I used contact paper to transfer the vinyl cut out onto the glass in the frame. It came out better than I had anticipated!

I'll close with some pictures of my pretty flowers. Outside art :)


  1. I wish I could CCR to work for me so I can do awesome projects like you did with your floating frame.

    I love your flowers, too. My roses have blossomed and I just love seeing them every day in my garden :)

  2. My roses just really bloomed this week too! CCR took some trial and error but one day it just clicked. I recommend just toying around with it and make some sample cuts. I mostly use it for words/sayings and welding things together. If you ever have any questions I can try and help :]

  3. I love your inside and outside crafting! That framed piece is awesome! I want to try something like that! Beautiful landscaping too!!

  4. Nice job on the design of your floating frame! Also, thanks for posting on the Cricut message board so that I might find you and follow.


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