Saturday, October 25, 2014

Target Clearance Find!

The other day I had a training at work and they gave us an extra long lunch. Being the shopper than I am, I took advantage of being near a Target and headed that way. I was scoping out the clearance isle and found this great lantern. It is considered summer decor so it was marked down quite a few times. I checked out the price and it was only eight dollars!! I figured I should buy it....because you know I could figure some use for it.
Once I got home I was unloading my bounty and pulled out the lantern. It just so happened that my Christmas Kitsch cartridge had come a few days prior and was still sitting on my dining room table. I immediately thought I could make this Christmas-fied and turn it into a cool candle holder. I went to work using vinyl and and my Explore and cut out a bunch of fun Christmas images. I plan on placing a candle inside with some pine cones and bells. I am so pleased with how it turned out.

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