Sunday, October 12, 2014

Make Your Own Ornament!!

So there is a new trend floating around Facebook and all the craft boards....making your own ornaments!!

After some extensive research through Pinterest, Youtube, and Facebook I decided to partake on my own mission of making my own ornaments.  It is so fun and addicting!!

What You Need:
Glass Ornaments (I ordered mine from
Pledge Floor Wax (I used this kind link)
Adhesive Vinyl

How to do it:
After all my research I found that the key in making a good ornament is relaxing and just having a little fun with it! 

1. I took my glass ornament and removed the metal cap/hook. Then I squeezed in a good amount of Pledge and began swirling it all around. Make sure you get a good coat on all the walls inside. You want your glitter to stick! 
2. After you think you have a good coating, dump out all the excess back into the bottle. This part is want ALL the liquid out. I just turn mine upside into the bottle and let it all drip out. 
3. Add your glitter. I just make a funnel out of a paper and pour a bunch in. I have found the finer the glitter the better it coats but really any glitter will do. Feel free to have fun and add two colors. The possibilities are really endless! 
4. Shake it up! I just stick my thumb over the hole of the ornament and shake shake shake! Sometimes with a song....but that's up to you.
5. Dump out your excess glitter. I am a hoarder so I save it for later.
6. Carefully put your cap back on the ornament.
7. Apply your adhesive vinyl/stickers/ribbons/bows/whatever!

I used my Cricut to cut out the snowflake and the Grinch SVG that I got from (she has great stuff!). I then applied them with clear contact paper onto the ornament smoothing it out as I go. 

It's that easy!! I have big plans for ornaments for this year and can't wait to get started on them!

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