Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year New Post!

One of my resolutions was to start making more time for things I enjoy and stopping giving myself excuses. So here we are with a new year and my first blog worthy project. I have had one of those date jars pinned on my pinterest for ages and decided to make my own version with my cricut.

I used CCR and adhesive vinyl for all of my cuts.

Old Vase
Adhesive Vinyl in Various Colors
Don Juan for the Font
CCR Basics Circle Cut
CCR Basics Heart Cut
Various Colors of Cardstock

This was super easy once I got going. I simply measured out what size font would work best for my vase and cut that using the kiss cut of 3-3-3. I then applied it the best I could...I'm still working on getting vinyl to lay nice on curved surfaces. Then the fun part. I picked out all different colors of vinyl scraps I had lying around and stuck them on my mat. I then used the auto fill feature in CCR and filled it with circles. I tweaked some so I would have various sizes and then began sticking them all over.

I then used the same auto fill feature and cut out my hearts to write my activities on. I used pink and purple for stay at home activities, red for low cost activities that would get us out of the house, and the green for more costly trips. Once they were all cut I started writing down as many ideas as I could. I then simply folded the hearts in half and threw them in the vase. I tied it off with a ribbon and now Nick and I won't have to sit around for an hour trying to figure out what we are going to do on one of the few nights we have together.

Happy Crafting!


  1. what a great idea! I will have to make a jar.

    My problem is that my hubby thinks dinner and a movie are the only option for a date. I want to do other things! but when I saw that, I have trouble coming up with something we can do. A jar with options would be great, it's then left up to chance!

    But, what other ideas besides the ones on the picture did you come up with???? lol

  2. For lower priced stuff I did bowling, laser tag, going to thrift stores and looking for stuff for our house, go see a live show in town, go to a local sporting even and just normal things that we could turn into date night :)

    For the free stuff I did chopped challenge (like the cooking show), old school board game night, make a meal together from scratch alot of my stay at home stuff is more food and movie oriented haha!

    The expensive stuff was fun because we are on a budget and I know we wont do these too often so I went with weekend getaways, spa days, his and hers shopping sprees the possibilities are endless!

    It took me a little bit to get my juices going but before I knew it I had my jar full!


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