Friday, June 22, 2012


I hope everyone had a fabulous week! I for one am ready for the weekend because my husband and I will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary! Technically it isn't until Wednesday but with work schedules not really allowing us time to even go out to dinner we are celebrating early this weekend. Since we are trying to stick to our monthly budget we challenged ourselves to stick to a budget of 10 dollars for a gift. In the words of Barney Stinson....CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

My husband is a huge Ohio State fan and when I say huge I mean huge. It is to the point where we have a room dedicated to the Buckeyes in our house for all his memorabilia and Buckeye swag. One thing the room is missing is something to pretty it up a bit and this was where my lovely gift comes in.

Ta-Dah! Melty crayon art with a football twist!

CCR and CCR Basics
A Child's Year
Old West
2 Red, White, Black, Gray Crayons
Hair Dryer
Red, Green, Brown, Tan, Silver Vinyl
Canvas Board

How I did it:

The first thing I did was take my crayons and remove their paper wrapping. I then broke them in half and placed them randomly around the top of the canvas. I used a little bit of painter's tape to secure them down and I was ready to go for the fun part! I took my hair dryer and put it on the highest setting and starting melting the crayons. I turned my board all over the place so it would run in lots of different directions. If an area was looking too much of one color I would pick up the melted crayon chunks and move them to other parts. I kept doing this until everything was melted down and there were no crayons left.

Then I opened up CCR and began creating a Block O. This took some time and lots of adjustments but with the rectangle from CCR Basics and patience I was able to get what I think is a pretty decent Block O. I am really thinking they should make a NCAA Cartridge....think of all the possibilities! Mascots, School Symbols, Helmets! It would be awesome! Back to the project though...I then used the holly leaves from A Child's Year and made a buckeye out of two circles. I cut all my images from vinyl using the tried and true kiss cut on my Cricut 3-3-3. 3 speed, 3 pressure, 3 blade depth. Works like a charm!

I transferred all the cuts onto the canvas to make the Buckeye Block O. The only problem was that the crayon part was bumpy and put lots of bumps in my vinyl. I was really bummed at first because I thought it wasn't going to work out, but after awhile I thought it didn't really look that bad!

Finally I used my Old West Cartridge and with the help of CCR cut out The Ohio State University. Yes...the THE is important to us Buckeyes. I placed in on the canvas and my project was complete!

BUT no project is complete without a card right??? A few months ago I saw a card on the Cricut Message Boards that I thought was so cute! I cannot for the life of me find the post even though I swore I saved it in my favorites. I knew this card would be perfect for my hubby and thank you to whoever was the original creator!

How stinking cute is that?!?! 

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

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  1. LOVE your sign!! We're Buckeyes here in my house (albeit we're from Cleveland so it's kinda mandatory... lol). Thanks for the great inspiration!!

    ~ Hugs ~



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